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April 29 2018

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April 09 2018

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Artist: Mad Dog Jones | Website

April 04 2018

March 27 2018

The Future Is Boring


 Every Cyberpunk that’s read and reread their copy of Neuromancer gets that heady rush and thrill of excitement from walking in the shoes of a world class hacker. Gibson’s revolutionary vision of the Cyberpunk world has not diminished in its potency over the years, but in that time we’ve often come to question whether or not we’d become Case or Molly Millions ourselves. The reality for most of us, even those of us that pursue a career in software engineering, is that being a hacker in the digital age is not exactly tenable. There is no Matrix as the sole interface of the sum of digital data, in which we can don an avatar and wield a sword to hide our identities. Privacy of identity is already a long forgotten concept, and even those that try to stay off the grid are subject to quick and easy identity searches, GPS tracking, credit card tracing, etc. Even if there were more navigable avenues of invisibility in today’s cyber landscape, humans are by nature cautious, self-preserving, and generally take the path of least resistance. There would be no large scale underground hacker movement lead by Ice-T and a genetically enhanced dolphin without a true existential threat. Those that govern us know this, and have established our lives to be just comfortable enough that the general population has no real reason to start learning Python penetration algorithms or how to break AES encryption in a reasonable time frame. We’ve accepted the digital prisons of our lives as absolute, in our ticky-tacky suburbs and pastel Polos. So as you consume your daily cyberpunk Tumblr feeds, remember that we’re all more like Jill Stingray than Hiro Protagonist. The future is here, there is no revolution, and your bad knee will probably prevent you from ever outrunning any corporation’s private security force. 


March 09 2018

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UK 1990

March 07 2018

March 04 2018

February 25 2018

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Photographer: Fabrizio Raschetti

January 31 2018

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Final Incal Illustration by José Ladronn

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Kung Fury (2015)

January 25 2018

January 21 2018

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January 14 2018

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The Memories Of The Future: Photographer Nuno Assis Captures Fantastic Photos Of Hong Kong

Portuguese Nuno Assis’s photos show that there’s more to Hong Kong than the Big Buddha and the skyline. His photos reflect the architect’s eye for symmetry and composition. We totally dig his love for reflection, especially the puddle series.

January 08 2018


Hyperconnectivity by Nikos Liapis

January 06 2018

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Totoro Waiting.

January 01 2018

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December 26 2017

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Life´s too short…


December 22 2017

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“Her Eventual Hesitation“ by Marek Denko

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